15 Apr 2015

Hatstone Lawyers wins Mondaq award

Hatstone Lawyers has won an award for being the ‘Contributor with Most Reader Response in Jersey’.

Mondaq.com hosts the most up to date articles and videos on legal, accounting, regulatory, compliance and commercial issues from the world’s leading professional advisors.

On a regular basis Mondaq analyses its usage logs and identifies which firms contributing articles were most accessed. Readership for all articles/content contributed by that firm on that country is included. The reader may have come upon the article either on the Mondaq site, via personalised newsletters, or via one of Mondaq’s news feeds on a 3rd party sites. All readership consists of real, identified individuals and no anonymous readers are included in the conferral of the award.

Carol-Ann Le Boutillier remarked that:

“We at Hatstone Lawyers are very pleased to obtain this award. It is great for our lawyers to receive independent recognition for the legal articles, briefing notes and thought leadership pieces contributed over the last six months.”