16 Jun 2016

Hatstone Lawyers represented at St Helier – Gorey race

Hatstone Lawyers is pleased to announce that our men have raised the Hatstone mast and gallantly represented the firm on the evenings of 4 and 6 June 2016 in a 30km round trip race between St Helier and Gorey.
The brave crew was made up of Giles Adu at stroke, Mark Rondel, Paul Rioda and a late stand in Simon Jones. A fleet of 28 boats took part in the race. The team made their way through the fleet to finish 15th across the line, in the fourth quickest time of 1:15:22.
For the results of the St Helier to Gorey race, click here.

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The 50th Sark2Jersey race
The team is now looking forward to the Sark to Jersey race on 2 July which tends to involve more than 80 boats and is just over 26 km long.
For further details on the Sark2Jersey Race, click here.