Shawn Saunders

Personal Information

Shawn has been working in the offshore sector for about twenty five years. He has garnered much experience in Trust and Fiduciary, and for the past fourteen years has been calculating Net Asset Values as a Fund accountant. His many years in these areas have enabled him to communicate well with the clients, always offering them a professional service.


Being a lover of figures Shawn majored in accounting in his final years of High School and then followed up with courses at the local college in the British Virgin Islands. His working career began as a filing clerk as a young man and then moved up to Trust and Fiduciary where he garnered much experience, occasionally travelling to meet with clients. After spending many years in that area he then joined the Folio Group in 2004. For the past 13 years he has worked faithfully as a Fund Accountant.




Shawn loves watching basketball and travelling.