About Ireland

Ireland is recognised internationally as a leading global centre for international financial services. Currently 430 financial institutions employing over 44,000 people provide financial services to every major economy in the world from Ireland. Some 20 of the world’s top 25 financial services companies have operations in Ireland.

As a result, Ireland has developed a large pool of highly specialised lawyers in areas of financial services, administration and management of funds, corporate, real estate, aviation leasing and commercial litigation. There are only a limited number of places in the world with such a diverse ecosystem.

A number of Government-supported corporate taxation measures contributes to Ireland’s strong reputation as a place to do business. These taxation measures are particularly attractive for international financial service operations.

Ireland is also one of the most open and globally connected countries in the world. Its geographic position, easy transport links to Europe, the US and the Middle East; and membership of the EU and Eurozone provides easy access to international markets and Ireland is poised to take advantage of its status as a common law jurisdiction integrated into the EU, underpinned by a pro-business outlook and a highly efficient Commercial Court.

According to EY’s most recent Financial Services Brexit Tracker from March 2021, Dublin is the most popular destination for UK financial services firms relocating post-Brexit, with a total of 36 firms saying they have confirmed or are considering relocation to the city, including asset managers, insurers, investment banks and lenders all likely to shift jobs to the Republic.

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