Part-Time and Fixed-Term Employees

Part-Time and Fixed-Term Employee Law Advice

Part-Time and Fixed-Term Employees, The threshold that required part-time workers be in the continuous service of an employer for not less than 13 weeks and should be normally expected to work not less than eight hours for that employer no longer applies. Part-time employee means an employee whose normal hours of work are less than the normal hours of work of a comparable employee in relation to him or her. The Protection of Employees (Part-Time Work) Act, 2001, protects agency workers from being discriminated in relation to their terms and conditions. It has three main purposes:
  • To prohibit discrimination against part-time workers
  • To improve the quality of part-time work
  • To facilitate the development of part-time work on a voluntary basis and to contribute to the flexible organisation of working time

Protection of Employees Fixed-Term Work Act

The purpose of the Protection of Employees Fixed-Term Work Act is to provide for the improvement of the quality of fixed term work by ensuring the application of the principle of non-discrimination so that fixed-term workers may not be treated less favourably than comparable permanent workers. The Protection of Employees Fixed-term Work Act provides that a fixed -term employee shall be informed in writing by his/her employer as soon as practicable of the objective condition determining the contract, i.e., whether it is:
  • Arriving at a specific date
  • Completing a specific task, or
  • The occurrence of a specific event
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