Our Experience We regularly assist professionals, investors and retirees who are considering relocating to Panama. We provide advice in relation to the types of visa that are available to our clients in Panama and help them obtain the selected visa. Our Services We aim to offer a fast and efficient service. We are happy to assist and provide advice in relation to the following types of visa:
  • Friendly Nations visa;
  • Retiree/pensioner visa;
  • Professional employment visa;
  • Self-economic solvency visa;
  • Macro business investor visa; and
  • Forestry investor visa.
Our Approach Applying for a visa in Panama may not be the most straightforward process, but our lawyers have the local knowledge and international expertise to outline and provide tailor-made solutions to cater for our clients’ specific needs. We understand that our clients often need a simple, no-nonsense, pragmatic service. We aim to make the application process as painless as possible.

Our Experts