The Stock Exchange of Maritius (“SEM”)

The SEM’s Official Market started in 1989 and as of 30 September 2013 had 42 companies listed on the Official Market representing a market capitalization of nearly US$ 6.4 billion. The efficiency and modernisation (with the implementation of SEMATS) of the exchange makes SEM an excellent platform to list and trade securities. It has the following recognitions and designations:

• Designated by the United Kingdom’s Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs as a Recognised Stock Exchange;

• Member of the World Federation of Exchanges;

• SEM set up the Developmental & Enterprise Market, which is a market designed for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and newly set up companies which possess a sound business plan and demonstrate a good growth potential;

• Able to settle and trade equity and debt products in Euro and GBP;

• Designated by the Cayman Island Monetary Authority as an approved stock exchange; and

• In September 2012, the SEM was awarded for the second consecutive year the “Most Innovative African Stock Exchange of the year Award” at the Africa Investors prestigious annual Index Series Awards held at the New York Stock Exchange.