Debt Collection and Enforcement Solicitors Dublin

We can assist you with debt collection matters and have experience in various methods of enforcement.

Seizure and sale of goods by the Sheriff

The primary method of enforcement of a judgment obtained for the payment of money, is for you (the judgment creditor) to obtain an order from the court directed to the sheriff (or if this is outside of Dublin or Cork, the County Registrar) commanding them to seize whatever goods are within their area (bailiwick) belonging to the company (judgment debtor) and to sell those goods, in order give you the sum (money) due, this can also include interest and costs, out of their sale.

Judgment mortgage

Under various laws, you (the judgment creditor) may have the right to apply to, convert your judgment or order obtained from the Court, into a mortgage against the land or property of the company, provided that the judgment or order requires the payment of a sum of money to you.

Winding-up Petitions

One means of enforcing a judgment that is exclusive to company debtors is the creditors’ ability to petition the courts to have the company wound up.

Enforcing judgments of the Residential Tenanies Board the WRC and other bodies

We can assist in petitioning the court to enforce statutory judgments.

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