Technology Law

Technology Law, Ireland has become a global leader in technology services and many international technology companies are now established and operating in Ireland.

As new and innovative technology develops, new and innovative disputes may arise. New technologies may attract investments that may not be fully realised or alternatively where technology services experience exponential growth the founders may not be adequately prepared.
Hatstone (Ireland) LLP is uniquely positioned to assist you at all stages of your life cycle.

Technology Law Ireland

Every startup requires legal due diligence and we can guide you through this process to put a robust legal framework in place and this includes;

  • Incorporation, registration for tax and in the CRO
  • Applying for grants, schemes and incentives that may be available
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Intellectual property planning and efficient tax structures
  • Research and Development planning and tax credits
  • Preparing boilerplate templates, conditions and contracts
  • Website terms and conditions
  • Tax and CRO filings and company secretarial services
  • Data protection policies and compliance with general data protection regulations (GDPR)
  • Hiring staff and employment contracts

Technology Company Growth and Expansion

As your business grows Hatstone (Ireland) LLP Solicitors can provide legal advice and business expertise on a range of complex technology law-driven matters to assist clients as the diversity of their needs, enter into strategic partnerships and expand into new markets and locations.

  • Information technology law and contracts: Hatstone (Ireland) LLP Solicitors can assist with drafting and negotiating technology supply and implementation agreements. They are also adept at including agreements that focus on performance indicators in addition to the business transformational impact of using new technology.
  • The firm’s Solicitors also advise on software development and agreements, licences, IT services agreements, agreements for Software Support and disputes over outsourcing agreements
  • Outsourcing: The firm consults on IT outsourcing, including software development agreements; shared or IT-managed-service arrangements; shared telecommunications network contracts; complex transitional services agreements; software development, licensing and distribution; Internet and e-commerce; privacy policies and data protection; encryption and e-signatures; and control regarding exports.
  • Privacy and data protection: Hatstone (Ireland) LLP Solicitors advise on all aspects of compliance regarding data protection obligations, including cybersecurity. Additionally, our Solicitors advise on access requests, data protection notices and policies and international data transfers for clients. Firm Solicitors also advise on regulatory developments as well as EU General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Cyber-security: The firm can assist entities with the development and implementation of strategies to successfully manage the full range of legal and regulatory risks associated with technology.
  • Digital commerce: Firm Solicitors are experienced at assisting clients with the preparation of user terms and conditions, online sale terms and conditions and website privacy statements.
  • Intellectual property: Hatstone (Ireland) LLP Solicitors advise corporations as well as individual clients on intellectual property ownership as well as other aspects including exploitation and licencing, strategies for patents protection, trademarks and trade secrets.
  • Efficient tax structures and shareholder and investor cash extraction.

Technology Disputes

  • Technology disputes including passing off, trademark infringement, exploitation of intellectual property, patent and trademark infringement.
  • Mediation, Arbitration and Court representation as required.
  • Strategic direction and negotiated debt settlements.

Whether you are a start-up or an established technology company please feel free to contact us for a consultation so that we can meet you and assist your requirements.

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