Buying or Selling

Our Experience

Our experienced property team can advise on all aspects of residential property from the position of seller, buyer or lender.

Our Services

We can assist with:

  • residential purchases;
  • residential sales;
  • coordination of funding;
  • review and report on property title documents and search results.

For any purchase we will prepare for you a report on title which will draw your attention to the contractual obligations, will summarise the results of searches and enquiries, draw your attention to any particular points of interest in the title and will comment upon the marketability of the title to the property.

Our Approach

Whether a property is to be bought as a home or as an investment we appreciate that it can be a stressful time. Funding may need to be organised or the matter coordinated with a linked transaction. These days we need to add to that the urgency of securing a deal in a difficult market. We do not believe that it helps relieve that stress by adopting a process that assumes that every transaction will follow a standard pattern simply in order to reduce costs. Whilst we believe we offer a service at a competitive fee it is our experience that it is the level of service and not the level of fees that clients look to first.

We find that most clients prefer the certainty of a fixed fee. We will discuss what is required and prepare an estimate of the likely costs and disbursements. If approved this will be confirmed in a letter of engagement.