Ship Registration

Our Experience

We provide a full range of services relating to the registration of ships in Panama. The Ship Registry in Panama is one of the largest in the World due to Panama’s Canal and its geographical and strategic position for maritime trade.

The Ship Registry in Panama allows for the registration of vessels involved in all types of maritime activity.

Our Services

We can assist you with the following:

  • Checking the availability of the name to be used to register the ship;
  • Provisional and permanent application for ship registration;
  • Applying for the statutory navigation patent;
  • Provisional and permanent application for the Radio License;
  • Registration of yachts;
  • Chartered vessels registration;
  • Special registration for temporary navigation;
  • Mortgaging a ship registered with the Panama ship registry.

Our Approach

Registering a ship or yacht in Panama is a popular and straightforward process and so we look forward to working with you on the application and assisting with any other related services you may require.