Wills and Probate

Our Experience

Our probate team is committed to providing our Jersey domiciled clients with confidential, comprehensive advice on the preservation of family wealth and succession issues generally. We are also experienced in advising the families of foreign domiciles and their lawyers on Jersey probate and administration issues.

Our Services

We advise on both contentious and non-contentious probate issues and we have expertise in the following areas:
  • drafting and administration of Jersey Wills;
  • “fast-tracked” grants to the personal representatives of people who die domiciled in England and Wales, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and Scotland;
  • grants in circumstances where there is a Will in a foreign language or there is a dispute or a potential dispute as to the validity of a Will;
  • variation of Wills after death and the establishment of Will trusts; and
  • reinstatement of Jersey registered companies in circumstances where the deceased is a shareholder of the company.

Our Approach

We understand that our clients are often concerned about confidentiality and we, therefore, have the utmost respect for their privacy, especially when it comes to estate and succession planning.

Our Experts