06 Jul 2013

Sark to Jersey rowing race for Hatstone Lawyers mens quad offshore team

The team from the Jersey Rowing Club and sponsored by Hatstone Lawyers, finished sixth in the Sark to Jersey race.

With the permanent cox being unavailable for the race, Tricia Blandin kindly stepped in at the last moment.  The team were delighted with the result and have worked hard getting used to the new boat over the last couple of months; changing their style of rowing as a result.

Adu says,

“The training is starting to pay off.  We knew before the race that we were fit enough to finish in a top position and had targeted a time of around two hours.  On the day, the poor visibility, together with a moderate swell meant that we finished some 7 minutes late of our targeted time.  What is encouraging, as we look forward to 2014, is that we know we can make the boat go even faster”.